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Did anyone hear of the Parrot Wizard?


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before I even got Scarlett, Ive come across a bunch of videos by the guy called the parrot wizard... I'm probably about to buy his book because he seems to really be involved (doing shows and training etc), but figured I would at least ask if anyone else bought it and if they felt it was good or not.

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Michael Sazhin (The Parrot Wizard) and his Kili and Truman are well-known in the entertainment world. Michael's training achievements seems respectful and there is no doubt that you can learn a lot on parrot training and behavior. BUT, do not get too excited and do not have too high expectations on YOUR results with your parrot. Always keep in mind that trained birds (I mean those that are kept and "employed" as "entertainers" and "show birds") do not live as your parrot (or mine or everyone's else). Our birds are pets and companions. Trained "entertainment birds" are money-makers (on TV shows, in ZOO gardens,etc...) They have every day repetitive training sessions (hundreds of them) and they have trained mind and behavior setup that you can not achieve at home with your bird. So, yes - books, videos, tricks and tips are OK, just don't compare your parrot's achievements with those on TV.

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Thanks, oh yeah I know. I saw a parrot named Einstein. pretty fascinating youtube video. I don't expect Scarlett to ever talk like that etc. I really just wanted to learn tips and suggestions. for example, I just learned that parrots have a call they do (a flock call) when you walk out of the room... I had been doing the "charge whistle" (like on sporting events), and every time I leave the room, scarlett will do that whistle. lol. But I found that I should be doing a word to get her to say a word rather than the whistle. she already says a few words, but somewhere I read that once they start whistling, then its harder for them to switch to words... not sure if that is true or not, but that's just an example of why a book "may" be useful. :) I don't expect to teach scarlett to play dead. :) although that should would be really really cool!


ok happy thanksgiving everyone :)

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