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It's been said that FB is for some people who have nothing better to do. The dialog between people is what proves it. A few years ago, I joined there but after visiting a few times I realized that I made a huge mistake and now I'm stuck there. I can't unsubscribe. People there collect so called *friends* and don't even know anything about them.


Sample of FB


*A--Tomorrow I'm having steak at the new restuarant!


*B answer--Betcha you can't wait until the big day!

*C--answer--My husband would'nt approve!

#D--answer--Leave your hubby at home!

#E--answer idea---I'll think about it. ha ha ha ha

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I use Facebook. I have a granddaughter in Australia, a granddaughter and daughter in California, a brother in Georgia, a grandson in Oregon, and a grandson in Vancouver, going to school and working, etc. I find it very helpful to see what they are up to and see recent pictures of them having fun. If you use Facebook right, it is very helpful and useful. I only "friend" those I want to be in contact with. My list in very small. You only have to be in contact with those you choose.

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I only use FB to keep tabs on real friends (I think I have 1) and psuedo-friends(the other ~120). One is a real drama queen that I haven't figured out why I haven't hit the unfriend feature yet. I have hidden most of his posts though.


Among my psuedo-friends I can name:

- Einstein the Texas Talking parrot

- Felix Hawk King of Everything Birds fame

- Disco the Parakeet

- Grumpy Cat

- NASA Curiosity Mars Rover

- The Chicken Whisperer

- For the Love of Chicken

- Kookaburra Bird Shop


Then old high school acquaintances and family make up the rest of it.


FB is mostly entertainment from that list of psuedofriends. I love the birdy ones.

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LOL We have some mutual friends there Sterling! I have to admit, a few of my distant relatives are into daily facebook drama. I thought about hiding their posts from my newsfeed, but have to admit it is cheap entertainment. Hubby and I laugh hard enough to cry at some of their posts.

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Like everything else, facebook is what you make it!

I agree Karen and I can be choosy about who I friend and I have also unfriended several. Facebook is one way to keep in touch with family and friends and share pictures you might not otherwise see, its one of the main ways I stay in contact with my friend in the UK and I have many friends I "met" on greyforums.

Sterling, I think most of us have at least one drama queen and I am friends with several on your list.

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