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My Cockey's Playground


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Very, very lucky bird.



Guys thanks a lot, but things have turned almost for the worst today ... you never know when something bad can happen, so a few hours ago my poor, little fellow almost got killed playing in his play area.

Namely, he enjoyed his newly added toys, among them a simple, red shoelace hanging on top of his ring, but poor, little creature somehow managed to get dangled in the lace and almost choked himself .

At first, I thought his foot got stuck, however that was his head, and I hardly managed to get him out of the death noose which he'd made ...

I got bitten of course, but nothing serious and am happy to have my bird alive :)

Obviously, being cautious all the time when the bird is out is simply A MUST!

I cut the lace into three separate pieces, so my birdie is playing happily again ;)


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Good that you were aware of his predicament. Yes, toys, etc. can be dangerous. And yes, they are like toddlers. BTW, are those canaries or finches against the back wall? If canaries, Cockey may wind up being quite the singer. My grandparents had a Congo (that I inherited) that mimicked my Grandmother's canary, and sang like crazy. Sometimes it seemed to confuse the canary whether he had a rival or not.

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Gosh, Grumpy! So glad you were at hand and saved your beloved Cockey. That had to be very frightening for both of you, and it is good to know that all was well in the end. How lovely it would be, I agree, if he picked up some of the canary's songs. I'm afraid my own whistle is not as clear as it used to be (surprising on how one's whistle muscles weaken if not used!! LOL). Inara's is far better than mine :) Love Grumpy's open play area, and I'm sure he does too!

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I am glad that Cockey is OK. I have had similar experience with Poly more than a year ago. Since then no laces are allowed. I do not hang toys or anything on laces in and around the cage. I use chains only with appropriate links size and I avoid hanging parts that may swing and swirl up and get around birds neck or leg.

And yes - be sure that ALWAYS you will have a pair of scissors and pliers in a close range.

By the way - welcome to the "Parrot bite me club":D

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