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Less feathers around neck


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My cousin adopted a 9 week old that he got from a friend who, due to serious health reasons, sold the parents of the chick and placed their babies for adoption.


However, the chick has less feathers around its neck compared to the feathers on the rest of its body. The feathers on its neck look like they were cut and short portions were left.


My cousin has no way of asking his friend about the matter because he is terribly ill and he alone knows everything about his greys. Though my cousin noticed the same thing on the other chick.


Is it normal for a 9 week old to have feathers around its neck with slower growth rate compared to the feathers on the rest of its body?


Can plucking occur on such a young age? But my cousin never saw the chick pluck or feathers on its bedding. Plus the presence of less feather or slow growth (?) is found all around his neck so it cannot possibly reach the back portion to pluck.


Or is it possible that he bites or chew them off? Again, how can he possibly reach the back of his neck.


Opinions please. Thanks in advance

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