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Question on finding replacement cage parts, perches...


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Hello! We have purchased an almost new 40x30 cage off of Craigslist to replace our old cage.


Problem is...there is no perch with it that goes all the way across and Buddy is particular and likes to sit right smack in the middle of his perch that goes from side to side. Anyone know where to get a wooden perch that is 40 inches? I have looked on a few sites and all I see are 36 and 43ish. Is there a way to cut the 43 down? Am I just not seeing them somewhere? Please help!


Also, Buddy is quite an escape artist and this cage has the standard 'rotate up and pull through' latches. Is it possible to buy the birdproof latches that I can add to the cage? And what brand are good?


I would prefer to shop online but can also go to a store. We are in Northern VA. Thanks!

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You cold purchase the longer perch online and cut it or you could also make your own by going to a local store like lowes, home depo etc. and buying round wood dowel, cut it to length and either miter the ends to fit over bars or you can also purchase hardware that will screw in to the ends on one end and have threads on the other end you can place washers and nuts on to secure them. I had the same issue with my greys new cage when I purchased it. So I made my own.

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