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Hello from Virginia

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Hello! I just found this site and so glad that I did! I am Stephanie and my husband and I live in Virginia with our two little boys, a Rottweiler, and soon to be, our 15 yo Congo African Grey, Buddy.


We actually just moved back home from overseas. My parents have had Buddy in Texas while we were gone for over three years. We hated to leave him but military orders give you no option and we couldnt take him with us. We are finally being reunited with him (well, Buddy is probably a her as we have never tested for sex and everyone says he looks very feminine :0/ ) this Saturday and are hopeful that he will adjust well to living with us again. He has not been a very happy bird in Tx. He started to pluck about a year ago and my parents have been unable to stop it. So, we have a lot of rehab work ahead to get him happy and healthy again.


I look forward to meeting some of you and I am sure I will have lots of questions.

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Welcome Stephanie and flock. It's wonderful your parents were able to care for Buddy while you were over seas. I have no doubt he will be very happy to be reunited with you. How long did you have him before you got orders to go over seas?


I am positive you'll do all you can to alleviate the plucking issue. I'll be Saturday cannot come fast enough. I am looking forward to hearing more from you. :)

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How exciting for you all, mixed for sure with some trepidation about Buddy's plucking. Is s/he plucking any particular area like the tummy, or is it just all over? It will be interesting to hear about Buddy's reaction to your homecoming. It was so nice of your parents to welcome him into their home while you were away. Welcome home!

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