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I have a rawhide lace (bird safe rawhide) about 12 inches long with a bead knotted on one end. I hold the other end, and drag it around for Bailey, and my other birds, to grab, and we play tug-of-war or keep-away. They all love to chase it all over. Also, I take a light cloth and put it over my hand. I then stick my hand out and lightly grab their leg or beak, and withdraw my hand. Bringing their head or whole self under the cloth. And, of course, letting them go quickly. Another version of that is simple peek-a-boo, with dropping the cloth over them and letting them come out, or picking it back up over them. Any sort of game or activity that you could play with a young child will be fun for them. Keep it simple, and use a fun, excited voice. If you see they're bored, or don't want to play, let them be. Do not scare them or force your bird to do what it does not want to do.

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First of all....what a wonderful question.


I used to just wad up a paper ball and roll it past Isaac...he'd do anything from just flip it to flapping his wings wildly and doing jungle calls. I often just resort to goofing off at him from time to time to see what he picks up. They love when you make funny noises at them. Play peek-a-boo with them!!...Isaac loves it. And it is the cutest thing in the world when you hear that first....'Peek-a-boo' as I am sure you will. So long as your excited when you play. ;)

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Sophie my grey, is not BIG into toys. She LOVES pinatas anything paper she can destroy. She LOVES games.After getting her... having open cage belief, she climbed down to us while playing the game " trouble". She SOOO wanted to pop the bubble! In order to pop the bubble, she had to stepup to the next person in our family. Only then, could she " pop the bubble". Of course we helped her. She was thrilled, and was interested in the rules quickly. Sophie learned how to stepup quickly, because she liked the game. Within 72 hours of getting her, a simple game of trouble, helped define her. She now steps up to the entire family.

Believe me, Sophie plays all sorts of games with us. She LOVES monopaly, and will quickly choose the winning team when we play pictionary. She will defect in a heartbeat! My friends that come over for game night, know, Sophie is my baby. She is allowed to play with us. Bedtime gets extended by two hours. Kids at college coming home,for Christmas. She will be so excited! I know I will have to adapt to " Rom" mode. mom. I'm okay with that. BEST Christmas gift for Sophie, is seeing her best friends Nancy

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