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Buying Food Online? CANADIAN

Guest Jocelyn

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Guest Jocelyn

Romeo is currently on Zupreme natural, he likes it but he is on it because its the only half decent food I can find in Winnipeg. Parrot Food is not easy to find here it seems. Does anyone know of a good site to buy food online for Canadians?

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You can make much of your own food for Romeo there are many great recipe ideas on this part of the forum so look back on some older entries for ideas. Bake a sweet potato, squash or beets and chop or mash to add some great nutrients to his diet. Cook some grains like Amaranth, Quinoa, Bulgar, Oats, Beans, Lentils and flavor with some Ginger or Cinnamon and add some chopped kale or other dark leafy greens , shredded carrots or Coconut at the end of cooking time. Allow to cool then feed and freeze the rest in portions ready to thaw and feed, most birds love a warm food. Here is an easy idea to try.





Grain Bake for parrots


At least in my flock. Sachi gave it a resounding no thank you and proceeded to fling it to the walls and managed to hit my eye. The 3 others had very...

Started by lovethatgrey, 10-26-2013 05:36 PM

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