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Cold feet


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Hi everyone!

I'm a first time owner of a CAG, Cockey is the bird's name.

The bird is quite all right, healthy and active, already well adjusted to a new home, but I've noticed something rahter strange for me, namely my bird's feet are sometimes very cold ... I doubt wheather it's normal?


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Thanks for the tips!

Though it seems that he has solved the feet issue himself :)

Btw, while still with the breeder, he was in an outdoor aviary and as far as I know, the birds bred in Serbia (continental climate, if there still is such a thing, with harsh winters) are kept outdoors with their winter sheds of course.

I also have two pairs of gouldian finches which supposedly need to have high temperature levels in the winter, but I got them from a breeder who kept them in an unheated shed during winter.

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Don't worry about his cold feet. Sometimes they get cold even if it is warm in the room depending if the parrot is on the stand or on the cage. Foot position and use of foot strength to grip and balance are very dependable on the blood circulation. More blood means more oxygen = more energy in his feet. Energy burning increase the temperature. So, sometimes if he stands steel and is no active but firmly gripped (especially on cage bars, cage door edge or on inappropriate (thick) stand perch) his feet may get cold because of obstructed blood circulation in the feet due to unnatural feet position while griping.

You are not a fist time parrot owner so for sure you know - just keep him away from draft.

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