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My grey wont land on perch, or me (when flying)... and got hurt. Any advice?


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Recently added a new family member this week (a 1 year old Congo grey [scarlett]), and she actually wasn't as nervous as I thought she would be. I can pick her up and I even gave her a shower already... she eats from my hand, etc etc... HOWEVER,


She will not land on my hand when flying... Twice she flew into the blinds and just holds on (which is ok if she is not getting hurt).... but today I was in kitchen and I think she wanted to come to where I was at... all of a sudden I heard her flying and she circled the area once and I put my hand out so she could land, and she didn't.. but this time she flew towards a window above the front door... and she didn't catch the blinds.. she fell to the ground which was tiles.. I was so sad.. it was a long drop.. I ran over to her and she immediately walked to me and got onto my hand... she looked sad... she kept putting her foot (talon?) into her mouth like she was trying to scratch something out... for about 3 minutes...


She stopped and things seem to be back to normal... but the window is about 10/11 feet from the ground. it's higher than normal because the ceiling over the door is about 15 feet high.


Now I'm scared to let her out of the cage. I work from home and she was out of the cage all day and evening with me. I built a play area and set it right next to my desk. She seemed to love it.


but when she flies, she wont land on the play area perch, and wont land on me.... what the heck can I do? I don't want to clip her wings, but I definitely do not want to see her fall from that height again.. (yes I will put a big blanket there to break the fall, but she can still break a wing or leg etc, or even her beak flying into the wall etc...

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Scarlett is in a strange home and does not yet know where safe landing spots are. It is possible that extending your hand out to offer a landing spot made her fly further to avoid what she may have perceived as a threat rather than a friendly gesture. She does not know the play area is a safe landing spot either and may even be afraid of it since your entire home right now is a new and unfamiliar place. Start working on step ups and getting her over to the play area so she does mentally add your hand or arm and the play area to her "Safe Landing List". You did the right thing in covering that high window and placing a blanket on the floor. You can also start going to her play stand and holding out a favorite treat to entice her to take a short flight to retrieve it. You can also hold that treat in your hand and try to coax in to flying to you as well. The more frequent you do this, the sooner those spots will just come natural landing spots for her.

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Thank you two.

I will work on holding a treat and getting her to fly to me.

I've only had her since Monday night and she lets me pet her head (yesterday was the first time she lowered her head to me so I could pet her).

I think I might go buy a fake tree or something and put in my house for her to land on.. until she figures all of this out.


Yes the owner said she was trimmed awhile ago, but she said the wings were almost completely back... and I wont be trimming them.

stressful because im nervous about letting her out... and she is already blowing me kisses and said "come out". LOL


I have to go to walmart real quick and see if they have a wreath or fake tree.


thanks again.. I need to practice her flying to my arm (short distance) for the treat. great idea

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How scary for you, Shane! You've gotten some great advice and it sounds like Miss Scarlett is none the worse, but I'm sure your heart stopped. I had just ordered a java wood stand for Inara, but turned it right back around and sent it back as when I washed it off it gave off an aroma of something like manure and cat urine combined. I refused to let her anywhere near it. I've read that when wet, java wood will have a smell -- but jeezopeet.


Cling on stickers, hanging a sheet, or even just "frosting" the glass with something non toxic can help. Here in the forums, (under the training thread, I believe) is a good video of a little boy working with his bird to come from a play perch and land on his hands. It's a good example of positive reinforcement, and you may pick up some tips. There are several methods out there, and you're a conscientious, smart parront, you and your new girl will do just great!

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