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Fly away :( Orange County, CA

Mr. T

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Hi guys, this is my last resort, contacted all of the local shelters, hospitals and stores. Posted signs and have been scouring craiglists.


Fly away 1/30/13


Congo african grey 2 years old, Goes by Winston. extremely talkative.


Any sighting or tip please let me know.


Thank you,


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Thank you all so much, he does know is name. His cage has been outside with food water, and toys. And we have been walking multiple times a day with one of his toys that has a bell on it just ringing it as we go.


We already contacted all the local stores/vets/shelters with no luck yet but we are keeping out fingers and toes crossed me makes it home or is found. We put up about 30 signs so far in the neighborhood and surrounding areas we are just waiting and hoping at this point. Thanks for all the the support and Jayd I will post on those two sites today.


Thanks again!

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