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My name is Debbie, my Timneh is Radar.Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone.


Radar was caught in the wild many years ago & smuggled in the US. I have had him about 5 years, he is about 30 years old. He is wonderful!!


I would like a little advice. He is afraid of any thing new in or around his area. I want to introduce a play pen and some new toys. Any ideas on the best way to do this?


Thanks, Debbie & Radar

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Welcome Debbie !!


As I said in your first post ....:-)


Wow, you have had Radar a long time and it sounds like a wonderful relationship and home you have provided him with.


It seems that most Greys are afraid of new toys at first. Many people find that they must slowly introduce a new toy by first hanging it on the outside of the cage fro a few days so they will get used to it being in close proximity. Then once they seem comfortable with it you can move it inside the cage for closer inspection and hopefully some fun playing with it.


We look forward to hearing more from you and maybe you could post a Photo of your Grey TAG.


Again - WELCOME!!!

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Hello and welcome to the family, Debbie, glad you could join us. Radar sounds like a lovely grey, did you name him after the character on Mash?


Most greys are afraid of new things and if you just go slow and introduce something new by not bringing it too close to him to start with. Then bring it closer and closer when he learns to accept it more until finally it is right before him. This may take days or weeks but it will happen and then finally he can enjoy it for all its worth.


You probably have the oldest grey here on this forum, most of the members have young ones like mine is, she is 16 months old.


If you have a photo of Radar you would like to post please do, we love to look at pictures and admire e ach other's greys.

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Hello again,


Wow, thanks so much for all the welcomes & info.


I will try & post a photo or two in a few days.


I'm not sure why he was named Radar, that was his name when he came to live with us. I did promise him we would be his last home.


As I mentioned earlier, we have had him about 5 years, but the last few weeks he has started to act up. He climbs down his cage, which is never closed unless we are not at home, as has started to pull on the carpet and generally tear up things. That is why I want to get work "play things" for him. He is definatly acting like a 2 year old.


I mentioned also that he was hatched in Africa and brought here. He still has his quarantine band on his left leg.


He is super smart (as I'm sure all you greys are too), and talks constantly.


Thanks again for the welcome. Debbie<br><br>Post edited by: radar, at: 2007/09/26 19:44

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I am very much a rookie, but find Klaus will play with a new toy after about 2 days. I put it around him and then act like I couldn't care less. That seems to work. My son has a little toy piano, and my husband thought it would be fun to see Klaus playing with it, so he put it in front of Klaus and made a big fuss trying to get Klaus interested. Of course, Klaus wanted nothing to do with it. My grey seems to be a lot like a little kid...you've gotta use reverse psychology! ;)

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I think maybe because Radar is older, he is just set in his ways. I have a rope & wood toy I bought for him over a year ago. I have put it on the floor & slowly moved it up the wal behind his cage. He can almost touch it. Well 3 different times I have put it on the cage & he will not even go to that side of his cage, inside or out. This causes a problem because of eating &/or drinking water. He does like to play with bells, even if we buy a new one that looks a little different, he will go to it almost right away. I guess I am just going to have to be VERY patient. Debbie

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I love the name Radar. I am a HUGE M*A*S*H fan. :) I am really looking forward to reading about your Grey, because he has life experience.


The CAG that I fostered was 23 and definitely queen of the house. If I wasn't paying attention to her she would call me by name until I came over.


I am sure that Radar will accept the toy in his own time. :) Good job being patient.



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