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Hello, also this is my first post I have had birds my whole life but they have been Canary quails and finches.

But I am really keen to buy a African grey, but in the land of Australia it is a major challenge to find one.

If any of you guys know were I should go to find my new best friend I will really appreciate it.


I also look forward to be part of the group and learn from you guys.

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Hello and welcome to the family, Ssgem76, glad you could join us, we look forward to hearing more about you and your quest for a grey.


You are right to do your research before purchasing a grey, they do have certain requirements and it is a lifelong committment. We have loads of information here in our topics and threads, just browse thru and read as many as you can for a wealth of info.


I can't help you with your search for a grey in Australia but maybe a few of the members knows where you can look for one, I believe we do have a few members from there.

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Welcome ssgem76!!! :-)


An Grey is a great Parrot for the right home and your taking the right path in determining if a Grey is for you and vice-versa.


Regarding Australia...That's a tough one and I don't recall if some Members here may be from there.


Your best bet would be to perform an Internet search for African Grey Breeders in your area or ask any Breeders that come up in the web search if they know of any.


We look forward to hearing more form you!! :-)

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welcome ssgem76 from Alaska:

As you have seen by others input a grey is a lifetime commitment , but well worth it , if birds are a passion for you. Obviously my geograghic location prevents me from having any advice as to where to find a grey but just know that patience, commitment, and loyalty are required when owning one of these marvelous birds. My one cent of input is that a grey usually takes to one member of the household. Are the other members of your home willing to be in the fringe, and more important, what if the grey takes to someone in the house other than you. There is almost everything on this site to read which will help you make your decision.

Good Luck and look forward to hearing your progress.

Bruce & Mazy

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