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Grey's Affection


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How does your Grey show affection???


Dayo likes it when I talk to him. He'll make a muffled whiny noise in his throat (a sweet noise) and run his beak over my face, nose, etc. It almost feels like a hug from someone you really care about.


He also nibbles our ears. Once in a while, he gets excited and nibbles a little too hard. But we know he doesn't mean to hurt. He IS trying to show affection.


Dayo is a very touchy/feelly, vocal Grey. He really likes to be touched, talked to, and scratches, beak rub.

He likes to watch TV with us, and his favorite place to settle down is on me somewhere. My Knee, my shoulder, my arm. He likes to be held like you would hold a baby. Its so funny. When I do this, he just makes his little content noise.


Lets hear about your Grey's affectionate ways.

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Guest briansmum

i know what you mean about it feeling like a hug Kim, i get the face rub from Brian. when he's feeling really cuddly he will sit on my chest and put his beak at the side of my nose and just stay there. until he see's fit to suddenly roll over expecing i will catch him.


the can be so cute sometimes

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Radar is very affectionate. Every day when I get home from work, I get a towel on the sofa, I put my hand under it, he waddles to my hand so I can rub his head. His entire body is under the towel, he just seems so happy when we do this. This usually lasts 45 minutes. He also likes to "feed" me when he is on my shoulder. Not the best thing, but I read it is best to let them do it, of course, I make sure it is on the side of my face and not my mouth. He constantly give me kisses too. He will say "Give me some sugar" and start making kissing noises. He will do this until I go to him, he touched my lips with his beak and makes a kissing sound. Can you tell I love this little TAG? Debbie

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I looked after my wifes friends African Grey when she went on holiday.

The bird took an instant like to me and would come to me when the cage was open.

What a lovely bird,he(she i dont know) is now with me because the owners said that shes narky now they are back.

what a happy bird now.

he she? loves me and is well happy here.

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