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Rescued Grey!


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WhenI got my grey he was advertised by a lady who had been his third owner. Ho growled and hated my wife and would not talk. He had been kept on old seeb]d in a small cage in a hall.


What a difference! I have had him 10 year and he is such a well loved pet. No more bites. He sings, dances and loves us to bits!


He sits on the air of the chair watching tv with us after work and loves a small square of pizza, and chicken and lamb and most veg and fruit in addition to his exact food mix.



The five year it look to gain his confidence have really paid off!



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Welcome here, Tommy - it's great you joined us :)


Love irons out many creases, and it always shows. You must love your bird a lot him being transformed into such a sweetie :)

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Welcome Tommy,


That is a great rescue story. :-)


It's always so good to hear of how these Greys blossom once they are in a loving and caring environment.


I am sure you will find a lot of good information on this forum and also be able to share good advice on how you overcame the issues your Grey had when he arrived.


We look forward to hearing more from you about your Grey and perhaps you could post some Photos when you get a chance.

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Hello and welcome to the family, Tommy, glad you could join us. I love your story of how you got your grey to trust and love you after having 3 previous owners. It just goes to show how much the right people and love and devotion goes to turn this grey from a biting one into a loving happy one. I am so proud of you for taking this grey and turning his life around and making him and you both happy in the process. Maybe you could share some of your secrets you used in the last 5 years to gain his trust to help other members who rescue a grey from a similar situation.


Five years is a long time but with 3 previous owners he probably had a lot of baggage with him and it does take time, something the previous 3 owners didn't have the patience or time to try to accomplish what you obviously have been able to do.


If you have a photo of your grey you would like to post, we would love to see him, and what is his name, I assume yours is Tommy.


I award you extra karma for your success story, you are truly an inspiration to us all.:)

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Hi Tommy,


Welcome to our family. I'm "danmcq" wife, and we really enjoy the information shared here.

Your story is wonderful of gaining trust of a great bird. I can't wait to hear about your many experiences of the different stages you & your Grey went through together. You mentioned he didn't like your wife in the beginning. Has this changed over the last 5 years?? Is your bird a male or female? And how old do you feel your Grey is??


Need input.............hahaha.


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Welcome to the board, Tommy!! Sounds like you have a great Grey experience and relationship. I look forward to hearing your stories on our forum!!

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