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While I have been one of those guests who have been "lurking" as some have called it, or just checking things out - I have finally become a member! I must say I knew it was time when I was asking Kristin (username Makena) to post questions for me! I also saw the post of nevjoe asking all guests to become members, and I knew I had to. I've heard Kristin telling me about all the fun she has and stuff she learns, as well as using everyone's usernames in our everyday conversations! It feels good to come out of the dark and be a part of the community. I'd normally say something about our Grey (Makena) here, but I honestly think everyone knows everything about him already!

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Welcome Andrew!!


It's great to see you here and Posting rather than asking your Fiance to do so for you. :-)


We do have fun here and find it a great help when we need information regarding our Greys!


In fact, we are so concerned over your Grey to that we worry for you!! What more could you ask for than that? ;-)


Again, a BIG Welcome!!!

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Hello and welcome to the family, Andrew, glad you could join us and I think I will skip the part about telling us a little more about yourself, as we feel like we know you already thru Kristin. You two make a good couple and Makena is a very lucky grey to be a part of your family.


If you have a photo of yourself you would like to post so we have a face to go with the name it helps, and Kristin said maybe she could get one of the three of you, that would be super.

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I can see that you really haven't checked out your girlfriend thoroughly. You're gonna marry her? You might rethink that until you know the whole story. Yeah, lots of people here communicate with each other but it seems that when she and Dan do the talking, they seem to be using secret words between them that only they can understand. Don't really know if it's important but Dan has a reputation as a charming *lady's man* and no one would want your girlfriend falling into his old familiar trap that others know oh so well. At times he's been known to discard women after getting bored. Better safe than sorry.


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Hi Dave,

Thanks, this is something that I have looked into, and ya know you're right - you may just be onto something. I have downloaded and analyzed all posts and PM's between Kristin and Dan, and have sent it to the lab for a scientific analysis. As soon as the results come back I'll keep you posted. May the force be with you - always.

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