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Fun and your Amazon

Ray P

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Some of the simple things that you and your amazon do are the most fun for the both of you.

Cricket has this thing when she puts her head down and her beak on the table and she will run across the table like a bull at a bull fight charging the matador, but it`s not to hurt. All she wants is a head scratch and feather fluff. She will follow me around the table dragging her beak on the table just to get a head scratch and for me to fluff up her head feathers. She just loves it.

I know it`s not a big thing by any means, but she enjoys it so much and she will do it over and over.

We both have a good time doing this.

What are some of the things you and your zon do for fun together ??

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Oh I know what you're talking about. Chili does this too but he does it just for fun and not for a head scratch.


Chili and I play hide and seek. I'll set him on a perch in his room then ill go hide. Then I'll call him and he'll come flying out if the birdroom looking for me in all the usual places. Such fun.

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