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hello everyone!


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i thought i introduce my bird and myself!


Im 19 years old and i have one Timneh African Grey named Binkie Jo its mostly a dutch name:blush: Im from Holland/ The Netherlands... i just saw this forum and i just needed to be a member! My bird is a rescue, i was with my father on a market where there are to many bird like 100000000 of birds... and i just saw one a sad featherplucked, hungry,scared and skinny Timneh African Grey he is a wildcaught bird i think (?) anyway i just took him in because he wouldn't lived a day longer... As many of you guys know Europe has a importban but a year ago they hadn't July 2007 has saved thousands of bird lives by making the import on wildcaught parrots illegal. My bird is just one of the last victims!

today he's a happy guy he speaks i LOT many sites that tell you Congo Greys can better talk have never met my bird he just loves to let me run by making the sound of the telephone or yell at me a lot that i need to come right now and play:whistle: He is clipped and you can take him anywhere on your arm :cheer: he loves to play with all his toys! and he just LOVES Macadamia nuts B)



under you can see my grey if i can figure out how i can put a picture here :blush:

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Welcome to the forums :D It's a very nice story you have and I'm glad you took the time to introduce yourself. The people here are great I'm sure you enjoy it here.


As for the pic, you could use a program to save them at a smaller size to upload them... or you could link them here using the img tag if you already have them uploaded elsewhere (such as photobucket). I hope ya figure it out cuz I love to see the photos... hell we all do :D

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Hello and welcome to the family, Binkiesmom, glad you could join us, we look forward to hearing more from you about Binkie Jo.


That speaks volumes about you that you could find it in your heart to take in this Tag, and I am so proud of you for doing that. Now that bird is loved and happy in his new home and you truly did save his life.


I hope you get the photo posting thing figured out so we can get a look at Binkie Jo, I am sure he is a beautiful creature to behold.


If you have any specific questions you would like to ask please do so, we will do our best to get you an answer and we will help you in any way we can.

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Binkiesmom, welcome here :)


I bet you must feel very happy seeing that you have in fact saved this little guy, well done!


I can't stop laughing at this:


he just loves to let me run by making the sound of the telephone



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Welcome Binkiesmom and Binkie jo to the group. First of all I would like to congratulate you for taking in Binki Jo. There are alot of birds that need to be rehomed and cared for, you will have many years of enjoyment with Binkie. Hope to see a pic of Binkie.

Have a great day.



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Welcome!!! I am touched by your story. I can picture in my minds eye, your bird sitting in a market ready to die practically, and you come along with a heart full of compassion and take his/her home. Its sad how many Greys don't make it and die because of human ignorance. You are an inspiration to us all.


How long have you had your Grey? How old do you feel he/she is?


Bless the hands that feed, and the heart that loves!


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