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The Refrigerator Door

Ray P

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You are home and you are watching TV and your parrot is on their t-stant playing and having a good time, you think to your self that a snack would be nice. So you get up and go to the refrigerator to see what looks good to snack on. You hear a flap flap flap bump as your parrot flys over and lands on your shoulder and looks into the frig with this intent look about them, like hay let me see too.

You grab a plate with something on it but your parrot has another plate in mind and looks at you like hay what the hell are you doing. As your parrot runs down your arm to get a better look in the frig and you pull back your arm to stop them, again this look, So you know you are not going to win so you pop some popcorn and you both go back and watch TV, or your parrot will watch as you hand feed them.

The one thing about a african grey and a amazon is they both know where the food is kept

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That's hilarious Ray. A story we can all associate with. When I am eating anything, Rikki pulls my hands away from the food so I don't eat any, she thinks it's all for her! Nilah runs, yes runs down my arm to dive in. Talon waits like the sweet mannered lady she is.


What about when they fly on top of the fridge and ride the door open and close? My kids have fun with this game, the birds love it!! Mom doesn't...:(

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