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How much has your parrot cost you

Ray P

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Let`s start at the top


1 Cost of fid (average) -------------------------- $1100.00

2 Cage for fid (average) ------------------------- $ 400.00

3 Food peryear.----------------------------------- $2230.15

( $6.00 perday x 365 days.)

Include 35 % food loss found on

floor around and in the cage.

4 Replacement wood work, molding around --- $ 500.00

window and doors peryear.

5 Paint and stain.---------------------------------- $ 100.00

6 TOYS per year----------------------------------- $ 300.00

7 Miles put on car trips to lumber yard to find

lumber cut offs to make toys to cut down

on cost. 100 Mi. x .50 per Mi. ------------------- $ 50.00

8 Vet (best deal)----------------------------------- $ 300.00

9 Bandages (for bites)-----------------------------$ 20.00

10 Furniture repair ---------------------------------$ 200.00

Total-------------------------------------------------$5200.15 This may very from year to year.


After first year subtract cost of fid and cage $ 1500.00

that is around $ 3700.15 per bird. I have four

This does not include your time spent pampering, feeding spoiling and chasing.

Now I know why I`m broke.

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From a shop,


£700 average for bird (african grey)

£500 for cage


Rehome a bird

average price for an african grey is £500 with cage ,£800 for cockatoo with cage , £1200.00 for a macaw with cage


I dont know the price a year as not had Archie that long

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Oh dear I haven't even gotten my grey yet and let's see


Cages: 1700$

Carrier cage: (kings alum) 300$

Toys: (I went all out) 700$

Playstand: 200$

Floor office mats: 200$

Bird: 1200$

Trashcan: 20$

Hand Vaccum: 80$


Total: 4400$ Not even have the bird yet...Idk why I'm proud of the fact I'm broke haha

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Yeah the cost is priceless compared to their company, I have 2, they need a lot of work and dedication but it all feels good when they are with me. My best moment is when i come home from work, they are both near the main door and they scream loud the moment i get in, they don't do that for anyone else. So YES, they are priceless :)

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