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New Cag owner needs help


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hi all

I have had my Cag for about a week now.. and i think she was kind of abused..

her feathers are all torn up and he looks like she needs a bath badly but i am unable to handle her yet...i have started to leave her cage door openand to my suprise found her ontop of it..its kind of nice to see her out since i was told she was locked up for almost yr.. my problem is i dont kow how to get her back in the cage at end of day... i dont want her to freak out every time it time to go back in... she doesnt respone to anything to get her to step up... she still has fear and keeps running away and hiding.... ohh and because of striped feathers her atemps to fly have met with lands to floor...i dont want to discourage her from coming out of her cage.....



Any help or advice i would appreciate it


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You have only had this grey for one week, that is not nearly enough time for her to feel comfortable in her new home and if she was abused before she came to you then you have your work cut out for you as it will take a longer time for her to come to trust you and the trust has to be earned.

When you open the door and she comes out do not put any food or water other than what is in the cage and she will have to go back inside to eat or drink or you can put some kind of treat that she really likes in her food dish, make sure she sees you put it in and she may go back inside to get it and then you can close her up.

In the meantime do talk softly to her, maybe sit by her cage and read to her and let her get more used to you being around, it takes lots of time and patience when working with a grey especially when she was caged up all the time.

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Ty for that advice.. i did set up her food outside on her cage .. wont be doing that anymore...

inthe mean time i guess i have to wait for her to let me hold her...


anyone else on advice such as he bath and her feathers ?

should i get feathers cut ?

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First of all thank you so much for taking in this poor ill treated bird. She obviously needs a loving forever home.

It sounds like it is going to take a while for your new charge to settle down and come to trust you.With care and patience she will become a wonderful companion but it will take time. From what you have said about her previous life her diet was probably not the best as well. There is a very good bird food section on this forum that will give lots of good dietary advice. Although she might benefit a little from a feather trim at this stage the further trauma may be very counterproductive so I think it would be best to let them grow out naturally. It will take a good while for them to grow back so be patient. Gentle misting with aloe vera solution will help her get condition back. If misting upsets her try letting her have a splash in a large shallow dish. I use a very large plastic plant pot dish for my Misty as he is not a big fan of showers but he loves a good splash-about.If you have not yet taken her to an avian vet you should do so as soon as you can in case there are any other health issues. If she is out of her cage make sure that she has soft landing places to land on. A landing on a hard surface could cause her severe injury. If she is not happy about stepping onto your hand she may take to a hand held perch better so you can move her back to her cage. The main thing is to take things gently. Speak to her and if you can whistle to her as well it will help her to bond with you. I wish you both a happy life together.


Steve n Misty

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I agree, do take her to the vet for a check up. Also, I suggest you let her wings grow out, so in case she is frightened she will not hurt herself when she falls. You need patience, and kindness to take your relationship to the next level. Good advice to check out the section on nutrition for greys. Please avail yourself of all the great information on this site. It is amazing! Plus, there are people with some experience here, they can answer any questions you might have. Good luck!

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