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I am so glad it is friday. I am anxious to see my new timneh today. When I get off work we will go up to the pet shop and see him/her? Does anyone know if you can tell if they are male or female by how they act? We always thought our conure was a female but we were not sure.

Last weekend when we saw the bird they had it in an icubater and it was pushing up the door of the container box they had him in and was peeking out at us. The bird seems to be getting more alert and nosey.


My husband and I are taking the camera with us and hopefully we can get some pictures to show everyone. Last weekend it had really grown alot and was starting to have more feathers on him/her. I have no name yet picked out for the bird. I am thinking we will not be able to get the bird home untill the following weekend because they are still hand feeding it 3x a day. We bought a new cage through the internet from queencitypets.com for $259.00. It is a very nice cage and has the playpen up on top of it. It has 3 big bowls inside with a perch and 2 small bowls on top with another perch. We bought it from the internet because it was a good price and they said it was for medium greys.

I would like to get her?him? some new toys. From anyone's experience, what kind of toys do they like the best to keep them busy. I have already bought some educational toys with colors and rings to put on a pole and a learning box with different shapes to put back into the box.

I am ready to bring the bird home. We have already paid for the bird. Actually we got it for $650.00 which I thought was pretty good price considering another pet store here in Charleston, S.C. has a timneh that they want $1300.00 for. When our conure died we would go to the pet stores for about 3-4 months every Saturday and play with all of the birds. It was good therapy for me especially after losing my conure. We finally decided to get the AG.

Well I hope everyone has a good weekend!! Give your birds alot of attention and love, I know we did with our conure and that is probably why she loved both my husband and myself. I will love this bird just as much. Talk to you later and hopefully will have some pictures to post next week.



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Hello Mary, I too am glad it is Friday, it is what I work all week for, right!!!!


So glad to hear you are getting a grey, you won't be disappointed, they are awesome creatures. I also have a conure, a sun conure, my first parrot and I love her to death. I don't know her sex but I call her a she and it seems to fit.


You cannot tell the sex of a grey by how they act, a DNA test must be performed to know whether or not you have a female or male.


So you are going to hand feed this grey, I hope you have some experience with that, because things could go wrong if you don't know what you are doing. I am not accusing you of anything, just stating a fact, but maybe you have done it before, if so just ignore what I just said.


I hope you can get some pictures, we love to look at pictures especially of the babies.


You have a good weekend also and we will look forward to hearing from you real soon.

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Hi Mary,


The Cage sounds Great and getting Toys is a definite must. :-)


There are some Thread in this Room with a ton of information on Toys, buying, creating and photos too.


How many weeks old is your Grey now? It sounds VERY young from your description. Maybe 8 to 10 Weeks?


We'll look forward to the Photos you snap while there. :-)

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The only reason I'm pretty sure my Conure was a boy is one time he had some...uhh...fun with the remote control. Female birds are not supposed to do those kinds of things so I'm like 99.9% sure he was male.


Like Judy said you can only tell the sex is with a DNA test...and I don't think you will see what I did until it is around 5 years or so...and that’s only if your bird has a thing for inadament objects. :laugh:


I'll be waiting for pictures!

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The first bird that we had was a blue jay baby who fell from the nest. My husband and I hand fed him and raised him up. We had him for 3 years and he finally died. I hear they usually don't live no more than 2-3 years. Then we got the conure. The pet store hand feeds the AG the same way we fed our blue jay so we have had some experience with hand feeding birds. The Grey is about 6-7 weeks old now. He is cute! Will e-mail pictures next week of him.

Thanks to all of you who give very good information about these birds. It is very much appreciated.

Next week, same time, same channel!!

Signing off for now.


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