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funny grey prints...


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Hello, I could not figure it out... However, if you are interested search ebay african grey prints. The sellers name is schmetzpetz- who is also the artist. They are really cute. I got the Grey reading a book, the 3 greys at a coffee shop, and single grey drinking coffee, and framed them next to my bird cage. I am certain my grey will say " mommy needs her coffee" any day now, as that is what she hears every morning before I let her out for breakfast! I will have to figure out how to change my jpegs over to convert so I can post pix! I hope they make you laugh how they made me!

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Lovemygreys, they're sooooooo adorable {Love-0002011D}

Very nice painting to have up.


I like the comical paintings as well. Wouldn't put them up on the wall though.

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