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Alex came to me through a dying woman. She had only met me one time, and knew she wanted me to care for Alex after she was gone. Alex's mom had cancer, and a very short time later,I was contacted by her husband. I was honored to have Alex. I think what happened, her first mom and dad did not ever give her the proper bird food. The gave her whatever they ate she ate. They gave her some fruit, but Greys and any birds need a good diet. It is ok to give them people food, if they are eatting their food too. I give my greys, Pretty Bird, African Grey Specific. That supplies them with all the specific vitimins and nutrients they need. Alex had never had real bird food. She would not even eat seeds. Being 18 years old, she would not start eatting proper now. I tried, but my vet. said to feed her what she would eat. Being on this diet for so many years, evidently caused numerous problems for her. I am going to send you a website that will explain what Alex died from. I don't blame her first mom and dad. They didnt know any better and they loved her so, they thought they were just making her happy. I am trying to write with tear filled eyes and it is getting harder so I will leave you with the web site. http://www.birdchannel.com/diagnostics/details.aspx?body=Respiratory&symptom_id=&condition_id=102

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You are all too kind. I think my family and a lot of people that know me think I am nuts. They can't understand why I get so upset and depressed when I loose a bird. The first loss I had was my best companion and buddy. We did absolutely everything together. He was a beautiful sun conure named Pookie Doo. Pookie was my first bird and this is where my love and devotion started for my babies. I learned another hard lesson when I lost Pookie. I went into depression and had to go on antidepressants.

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That is so sad, but maybe some good will come from sharing your story with us, I am sure she is in her mama's arms right now.


You started with a sun conure too, so did I and I still have her, she is going on 3 years old. She is a delight to have and I feel the same way about her that you did with yours.


Anytime you need some support you just let us know and we will help you all we can, we have all been in your shoes at one time or another and we need each other, it helps to know that you are not alone.

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