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merlin report for today


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so here is the merlin report for today!


my friend, miss bon, tells me her little grey, miss maggie, is imitating her when she says "hey merlin" but adds "hows about a kiss" which is what bon says to maggie!


so we are thinking miss maggie is making a move on mr merlin. ha ha ha ha ha


he is also starting to cock his head and act very interested in his surroundings. she leaves the door open longer and longer, but he does not venture out. he does have a grand time with his toys, and doesn't mind overmuch that the other birdies are so interested in him they watch him from the top of his cage.


and when asked did she think merlin knows his name? she says yes, that he gets pretty happy when he is greeted with his new name. maybe that is something to ask that expert gal that we need 10 questions for...the psychology of renaming rescue animals.


only a day or so to go!

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