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My name is Mary. We used to have a green cheeked conure and one day he fell over and died. We had him for 5 years. I miss him so very much.

My husband who stays at home has gotten us a baby African Grey Timneh. The pet store is still hand feeding him 3 times a day and we will get him when he is only feeding twice a day. We go every week and feed him also. He is starting to get his feathers now and he is more alert. The pet store said we will be able to start feeding him fruits and other things along with the food we buy to hand feed him. I am very excited to get another bird.


Once my green cheeck conure got spooked and flew off. He ended up staying out all night one night. The next morning we went out to look for him. He did not fly very far. He was up in a tall pine tree in neighbor's yard. When he saw us, he immediately flew to my husband.

From that time on, whenever we had him out if it looked like it was starting to get dark, he would fly to the screen door and want to go inside. He was a character. We had a small garbage can with old teeshirts inside his cage and he loved to go in there and sleep upside down. I never thought I could love a bird so much but they really are lovable pets. Anyway, after 5 years, my bird died. I did not realize that teflon pan fumes can kill a bird. That day I was cooking with a teflon pan and I really feel guilty and blame myself. I threw away all my teflon pans and got stainless steel pans. If it kills birds think what it does to humans that we don't know about.


Anyway, I will not get my bird untill about 2 weeks from now. My husband and I will give the bird plenty of attention and love.

Thanks for listening,

Mary and Robert

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Thats so sad. I had no clue just how many things can kill a bird until I started reading up on bird health. I wouldn't blame yourself, it's not like you knew and just didn't care. I'm sure the 5 years he was with you was the best 5 years a parrot could have. Hope to see you around the forums, and don't be shy about asking us anything.

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Very sorry to hear about your conure. Welcome to the forums though, there are lots of great folks here and a lot of good information around. The teflon pans just came up recently in a post we have here. I'm glad to hear you getting a TAG though and I'm sure you'll both just fall in love with each other. Don't forget to post some pics when ya get em ;) we all like to see um

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Hello and welcome to the family, Mary and Robert, glad you could join us. Isn't it so exciting to be getting a grey, I know you can't wait but it won't be long now.


So sorry to hear about your conure, I know you miss him dearly, we do get so attached to our birds.


If you have any photos of your grey please post them for us to admire, we love to look at the babies, they are so adorable.

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Welcome! Mary and Robert to our little corner of the world. (Cyber World)

Sorry for what happened. We never really know where life will bring us. There is a master plan somewhere, and I believe the more the hurt the better person we become. I never could understand it, but we who suffer will be rewarded in the end.


Best of good luck, in the coming years ahead.


Joe<br><br>Post edited by: nevjoe, at: 2007/09/21 01:25

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Mary & Robert,


Welcome to the forum. When I was reading about your conjure, it made me think about our Jake. He got out a month ago, and was also out all night. We also went out the next morning & found him. We got him home 6 hours later. They are truly characters.


You will enjoy your Grey when he comes home. They are as fun as the conjure. We have both. A buby Cag 5 months old, and a Peach Front Conjure.


You will find lots of info on this forum.


Again I say a harty WELCOME to you both.


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Welcome Mary! I hope you enjoy our forum and your grey. We have lots of helpful members here so feel free to ask away. So sorry to hear about your little conure :( they become one of our family and it is so hard to lose them.

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