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q's abt Hypothermia ??


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hi everyone..

can someone tell me abt hypothermia here..

if the bird shivers a lot it seems its got hypothermis rite...!!

is that a life time sickness or is it cureable.. ??

also hw to cure it and how does a bird get it ??

is it life threatening ??

if you ppl can give all details abt it i ll really be thankful..

thank you

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As judy has said the quivering of the chest is normal in an african grey.




Birds like us can not tolerate excessive heat,Your birds cage should never be placed in direct sunlight unless there is a spot in the cage where your bird can move to be in the shade.An overheated bird will begin panting, the panting in turn may bring about dehydration.A bird with hyperthermia may try to cool off in his bath/water dish. If a birds body temperature is allowed to rise dangerously high this will bring about a seizure which can be fatal.

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