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How About a Part's Room!!!!! LOL!!!!


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As a grey owner, you all know that each grey has a quirk or two that for a moment might cause you to think......"What was I thinking when I purchased this crazy destructive grey!" My Ana Grey loves to destroy keyboards, especially the "Ctrl" keys!!!!


Thus I have several damaged keyboards. So I thought perhaps others have the same problem and perhaps someone else has a Logitech keyboard that is missing other keys and would like to send my their "Ctrl" keys from their now useless Logitech keyboard so I can repair one of mine!!!! I of course would send you in return the keys you are missing on your keyboard. You all know we have more than one destroyed keyboard, let's be honest here!!!! LOL!!


Also I have had to replace my dining area overhead light:



No Louie didn't damage the light. Sterling Gris, chewed the wiring and shocked himself and caused the light to "pop" and destroyed the connection. Sterling Gris is fine. Not so much the wiring. So if someone has an overhead light like this and needs some parts, let me know!!!


So how about a Part's Room Talon??????? Maybe we can help each other out here!!! LOL!!!


Note: I now have a ceiling hugging overhead dining area light. Just so grateful that my Sterling is healthy and all right.


Have a Great day Everyone. And a laugh/smile or two!!!!!! LOL!!

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The parts I have to offer today is one TAG beak, possibly only the top beak, mandible as the lower should not hurt quite so much without the mate. Toenails are not intimidating so I could keep those too. But the beak. Yes the beak. That is under consideration for a trade on a smaller, less pointed, less dangerous model. If someone has recommendations for a modification, I have already tried duct tape and super glue is not out of the question. hahahahahah You all know I am just kidding, but the idea of trading parts struck my funny bone this afternoon. Thanks. As I posted, I saw that innocent little face and had to come back. Yep, that is the beak in question. He has been a Tyrant with a capital T. He is also sweet and adorable and so far without flight he has not had opportunity to destroy my things because I think fingers are enough of a donation to his cause.

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look at that innocent face
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Guest candismalli

too funny! For the computer keys there is an online company you can order single keys from for around $1 I think it was. I don't remember the co name, but a search should lead you there. Not looking forward to the destruction, lol

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