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Zon Memory

Ray P

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How good is your zons memory ??

I would like to share a story about Cricket my Blue Fronted Amazon when she did something strange.

Cricket belonged to my wifes sister who lived in Florida along with her brother who lived not far away from his sister so they would visit often.

My wifes brother moved from Florida to W.V. and he knew we rehomed Cricket.

He came up to visit us and he told us how bad Cricket was and did not beleve me when I told him how good Cricket was. OK to show him how wrong he was I brought Cricket out and sat at the kitchen table with Cricket on my shoulder and she was rubbing her head on my neck and ear, and than she saw my wifes brother.

When she saw him she came off my shoulder, climbed down my arm , ran across the table to my wifes brother and bit the crap out of his thumb , blood every place and than she ran back to me and up my arn to my shoulder and sat there like nothing happened

I beleve she remembers him from Florida and that he was not very nice to her along with his sisters 4 kids.

Thats the way to go Cricket you got them back.

She has been with me for over 3 years and that was the one and only time she did that.

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That is incredible. You go Cricket!


Well sometimes I put the birds in their cages but don't cover them. Chili watchers my every move as I get their foraging toys together. As soon as his cages is opened the next morning he makes a b-line for his foraging toys. Very obvious he did not forget from the night before..

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Our Oranged Winged Amazon.... never forgets anything! She has NEVER forgotten the day she was trapped under a gate, the dogs tried to save her, I did CPR and brought her back. The entire animal kingdom gathered around, to try and save her. This was years ago, but she never forgot. After this horrible experience we all suffered thru, she had a new respect for dogs and other birds. It happened late in the evening.... I took her to bed with me, Zoey and Ollie my dogs. They moved over, made room for her. She LOVED the dogs after that. She got a clean bill of health from the vet the next day, but... there was a total change in Kiki's attitude about the rest of our animal kingdom. Now, she LOVES our rescued Sunconure, and lives in his cage. Nancy

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