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Choppin' Broccoli (and other things) with an Ulu knife.


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I just wanted to share a tip with how I prepare veggies for my birds in the morning. I have yet to make a mega-batch of 'chop' and freeze it, which I may try eventually, but for now I do small batches just about daily. It helps that I have a bunny, too, so we always have good greens on hand for her and SHE gets salad every day, so it's easy to tear off a few small bits and chop it up for the birds. This includes anything from kale, collards, carrots, turnip and mustard greens, endive, red leaf, green leaf (iceberg is pointless), escarole, radicchio, etc., and in the summer, dandelions from the (unsprayed) yard. In addition to what the bunny gets, I'll add various things for the birds - green peppers, broccoli, fruit, perhaps some egg, pasta, rice, or whatever healthy leftovers I have around (before or after chopping).


The 'tip' part of this is that I use an Alaskan Ulu Knife and 'bowl'/cutting board gotten as a souvenir to do the chopping:


Choppin' Broccoli! (And carrots, green pepper, collards, kale, and lettuces for the birds. With an ulu knife). by oblivion9999, on Flickr


It's easy to control the size of the bits, and the knife and bowls design make it very safe to use (though carrots take a little extra attention to get started without rolling away). You just rock the curved blade back and forth in the bowl, changing directions to get the size you want. And cleanup is a super-simple rinse.


If you don't know of any friends or family vacationing in Alaska any time soon, you're still in luck - Amazon has them. :D (E.g. http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&index=blended&field-keywords=Ulu%20knife )


Just thought I'd share - I hope someone finds that useful.

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I think I didn't properly convey the magic. ;) Maybe I need to do a video. Your chopping hand stays safely on the handle. Your other hand stays out of the way. The food is kept in place by the bowl in the cutting board. Again, the only time I have my left hand near the blade is for the first few cuts of a carrot - and it doesn't have to be right against the blade like other knives. Then it's totally free from there once the carrots stop rolling. I've caught my fingertip/nail a few times using a french chef knife, paring knife, trimming knife. I've NEVER cut myself with an ulu knife.


But I'm not trying to convert anyone - just putting it out there.

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Pooh! This would be a wonderful tool for me!! Knives and I don't get along, I always manage to cut myself, or at the very least...a finger nail. I try not to use them. :(




not to promote items, but when something works I will scream it from the mountain tops. I too am not the best with sharp objects, such as knives, scissors, paper clips. However, this has allowed me to cut things, and NOT lose appendages. I love it, and it's easy to keep clean!

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