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Two Months With Gracie


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Sunday will mark two months with Gracie. I just wanted to say that I am sooooo happy. We are really bonding. Now, she is still not a cuddle bug--probably never will be. But there has been such a growth in trust. She watches my every move and really seems to love me (before I worried she was indifferent). She never nips or bites anymore. Perhaps I am reading her body language and respecting her wishes and giving her more choices. The bottom line at this point is that I feel like we are a team and we are co-habitating quite well. I think in a few weeks I will start to take her to work with me and see how that goes. Anyway, I am beginning to experience the joys of parronthood, and it is just greyt! Aren't our greys just the most precious adorable little feathered friends? I'm so glad I chose to make Gracie mine.

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JeffNOK... don't cut yourself short. Gracie probably will be a snugglebug. It just takes alot of time. Keep doing what you do.You are doing everything right. Focus on trust.Sophie WAS a snugglebug after at least a year. Stick to your beliefs and trust your instincts. We have a pretty strict routine with breakfast, and time to snuggle during workdays. The otherday, Sophie was late walking into kitchen to find me after breakfast. Sean was leaving for school, I was leaving for work, she gave such a SQUACK ! She was NOT happy! I took five extra minutes to explain to her I have to go to work. We snuggled she was happy. If she's late again....she will learn her time schedule won't work.

I get up one hour and fortyfive minutes up, before I have to go to work. If Sophie misses her twenty minutes of snuggle time that we soooo enjoy, it doesn't happen! She learned quickly, it will be lost! She hasn't missed it since. I know many will disagree, thats okay. It is the reality for our family. Nancy

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I agree with Nancy--you never know how Gracie will grow with you. If I had a penny for every time my hubby told me, "Marcus will never..." Haha. So just wait and see and I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised how you two continue to grow and bond together.

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