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future baby grey mom,need advice:)


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hi everybody,

im new here n this is my first post :)

i just want to ask many question because my baby grey will arrived home in 2 months from now.

i read all the grey owner in this forum are really awesome,so i would be happy to get some advice.

- mostly here,all the avaible grey are parent raised,so they would be scared of human.is it very very very difficult to tamed them??

-i heard congo grey will not bond to the person that taking care of them after they reach sexual maturity,they will change their fav person to new person that they never bond with.is it true?

-how is their agressive level?are they brutally bitter,or gently bird?

-how about their stress level?for changing new enviroment,people or noise like vaccum,tv??

-is it true timeh more easy going rather than congo??

-i would like to know all the bad n good side of living with grey,all the possitive n negative side.

sorry for too much question,i read alot about grey from book n website but i would like to hear from grey owner directly:)

thanks for the help!!

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Some of your questions can't be answered right now because it depends on the personality of each individual bird be it CAG or TAG. There's many books on the market but most address the standard info conceing parrots. having a board around where many people have opinions can be given concerning a problem.. Ever hear the expression ****there's many ways to skin a cat****.

Concerning bonding---one of the most important things to do when bringing a grey home is to immediately get the whole family involved with the bird. Eventually, the bird will like one person for certain things and like another for other things. Whether a bird decides to switch to another person has to do with that particular bird. There's no standard for a parrot.

Sexual maturity has nothing to do with anything. Have no idea where you heard such a thing.

*****how about their stress level?for changing new enviroment,people or noise like vaccum,tv??****

Again, all of that has to do with the particular bird. All parrots don't likehigh stress levels. My birds love vaccuums, thunder and other things. They don't like cardboard bioxes. Another owner may have a bird that's the exact opposite. TV, radio, stereo is never a problem with parrots. they eventually get used to it and sleep with all of that stuff on. CAGs and TAGs are somewhat different. A TAG is more laid back, is willing to investigate things more quickly. A CAG is different. The bird needs a acouple of weeks to investigate something before excepting things. CAGs are very causious and if ignored or abused, they may pull out their feathers.

So basically you need to ask specific questions because there's so many opinions and methods of dealing with greys and that includes both CAGs and TAGs.

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hi dave,

actually im still doubt about choosing CAG or TAG,are they really different personality?

n how about gender?is it always male make better pet?

my friend has female TAG that always grumpy n laying egg,n she said male is better.how is it?


thanks for the reply,its very helpful

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Your friend is just giving her opinion about her bird, not a fact about all TAGs. Laying lots of eggs for no reason means that the bird needs to be taken to a vet. Actually, some of those birds might even bite which is understandable.

Gender----many people buy greys and they have no idea about the gender so gender means nothing. Males and females are both nice and have nice personalities.

Being grumpy has nothing to do with the sex. If a person had a bird who was laying eggs excessively, that bird would be grumpy too and that applies to both TAGs and CAGs. Loads of people here have both birds in one house and there's no problem. I also have 2 CAGs and 1 TAG and have no problems. All are adults. 2 Of them were adopted. Those 2 came from other types of homes.

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Great that you get a African Grey! 2 months! jeez, that's long.

Grey parrots are natural very social parrots, so when they bite, it's because the human did something wrong of accidentally learned him to bite while pulling there hand away for the beak of the bird. Then he learns his beak is a wapon.

I don't think it's hard to tame a parent raised grey. I did it myself too and I tamed the parent raised grey from my sister and Koekie was a second change bird, who was afraid of other people and bites. But that is my opinion, it can be harder for other people and maybe I'm just lucky with my sweet birds :)

African greys have a higher stress level than other parrot species, but if you train them every day with a new object, that shouldn't be a problem.

I think greys are easy to train, fun to play with,I think they are great, loving, social,friendly, dusty, sometimes annoying,sweet, beautiful and intelligent birds and you won't regret getting one!

But keep on reading information about them, you can never stop learning.

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Dave has given you some great advice and it is hard to tell exactly what you will have to deal with because each bird is an individual. I would use this time to read and research all you can before that day comes when your baby comes home but the main thing is to take your time and be very patient with your baby and let him/her dictate when they are ready for interaction.

If you get any pictures of your new baby please consider sharing them with us as we love to look at the babies.

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We adopted Sophie at age two, a CAG, with little knowledge on how to care for her. She is 12 now, and very important to our family dynamics. With alot of work, she will go to all of us. She loves us all for different reasons. I am her " ROM". She cant say mom. She loves Sean for his " feet"... he never wears shoes. She LOVES Ryan, for his inability to sleep, he will sleep with the birds on couch. Sophie will sleep with him.( then he can fall asleep). Sophie is important to each of us for different reasons, as well as we are important to her, for HER reasons. It doesn't matter years later, because she steps up to all of us. Nancy

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