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Black headed Caiques struggling with new Baby Grey


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Hello All,


I'm new here so I'm not even sure if I'm posting this in the right place.


We recently bought a baby grey. Gabby is about 6 months now and we've had her for about 6 weeks. She is a real sweetheart and we're all so attached already.


The problem we have, however, is with the birds we already had. We have two black headed caiques that have been housed together for over a year. Tiki (f) is 2.5 years old and Tuki (m) is about 18 mos. old. They have always gotten along great, slept in a tent together and played all day together. Until...


Ever since we got the Grey, Tuki has been viciously attacking Tiki. We actually had to buy another cage and separate them. They are fine at night in the tent, but morning comes and it starts all over again. Tiki is deathly afraid of him now and will not even sleep with him anymore. The funny thing is, she used to be the more aggressive of the two.


Well, in all of this I guess my question is:


Will this pass? Will Tuki eventually calm down and get used the Grey being there? I so want the caiques to be able to play and share a cage again. That was our whole purpose in getting a second caique, to keep the first one company. I'm enclosing a picture showing how well they used to play. AtPlay.jpg<br><br>Post edited by: aprincess, at: 2007/09/17 19:11


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Probable not and it probable has nothing to do with the grey.

They are reaching maturity.

They may also be the same sex and that well cause even more fighting.

I never recommend keeping pet birds together. They make much better pets in separate housing.

So enjoy your babies and be their company and they well be fine.

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