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The countdown begins


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Depending on weaning I've got about 4 weeks now until bubby grey gets here. Still no idea on sex but will find out soon enough.

I've got the cage (will take pics once it's set up), will be ordering Harrisons fine in the next couple of weeks and have an assortment of toys etc.

Couple of questions...

It is a large cage (3.4ft wide and about the same internal height) and I'll be making sure all toys and perches are there already. How many toys should I put in there initially? Also number of perches. The main perch will be natural eucalypt (I live in Australia and use branches from the backyard for all my birds) but there is also the choice of a tuity fruity, cholla perch and rope as additional ones. Should I just put these in from the start?

I'm fine about feeding, the rest of my birds (remembering I breed parrots too) are on a mixture of small parrot seed, pellets, fruit and veg, sprouted seed/beans, and quinoa a couple of times a week. I'm looking at the red palm oil also to put on whole grain bread a couple of times a week. is there anything I haven't thought of that's more grey specific?

Also I've started training the family to call out before they come into the bird room. (Hubby is rolling his eyes at this but going along with it:laugh: )

I've got an aviator harness ready for when bubs is a bit more settled in too. (I won't be clipping espiecially at this very early age, as a breeder I have strong feelings about allowing birds to fledge fully)

Now is there anything I haven't thought of?

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I would set out all your perches you intend putting in from the start. As for toy's i wouldnt go to over the top but enough so he has the choice.Change the toys around frequently, as this will make him more acceptable of new things in his cage.

As for the harness i would try from the start, a few days after he has come home, being so young he is more likely to accept straight away.:)

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Well I know you will think the next 4 weeks will drag by but it will be here before you know it and glad your baby will be home soon.


Thats a good size cage, maybe no more than six or so toys to start out with and then you can rotate them on a 2 week schedule.


I would get a couple of rough perches, maybe concrete ones to help with the talons, and make sure they are of different diameters.


I feed a little red palm oil every day to Josey and my sun conure, Sunny, about 1/4 teaspoon in some oatmeal.

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