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hi to everyone...im new to the CAG and really want to get one.Ive been reading articles and books to learn everything we need to take care of the bird before getting one.A guy that i called is selling some babies ,he said its 8-9 weeks and the other are 7 weeks old.he said the birds that are 8-9 weeks old,i need to handfed it still for a week and sometimes it refuses to being fed and also starting to eat solid foods.is that baby weaned already?or is there something wrong with it?i know its not good getting an unweaned baby.thanks guys

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Hello Arrior welcome to the group. I'm glad to hear that you have been doing your home work on greys it says alot about a person. Give the bird lots of time to be weaned, I know how hard it is to wait a few weeks longer and if you could see the bird on a daily basis it will be benifical for the bird and will start the bond with you. One sugestion that I have is to bring the bird home early in the morning so it has most of the day to adjust to it's new surrounding and home. Enjoy your new friend.


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Welcome Arrior!!


They do start toying with and eating regular food like veggies, fruits nuts etc. at that age. It by no means, means that they are even close to being weaned. You should keep up the regular scheduled feedings until he starts eating and drinking water on his own.


He will start spitting out the Formula probably at around 14 or 15 weeks. That is when you start seriously observing his eating and drinking habits to see IF he is completely weaned.


They will still beg for food by making their baby noises and jackhammering their beak as if they are staring, but then when you make the formula they will just spit it out :-)


You have to carefully monitor their weight at all times also to ensure they are maintaining their weight.

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thanks a lot guys.im just wondering about the weight.how can you monitor it?and how do you check it?me,my wife and daughter are very excited to have one already, but ill wait for the time to get it.and also do you guys know any breeder here in anaheim ca.? who's selling some too?thanks

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