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Bakbak my CAG is unwell. need help


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Hi all,


I need help. My african grey is about 8 months old. I have had him for about 3 months. He was doing well & had just started trying to talk.

For the last few days he is unwell. Very listless, hardly speaks. Whistles only when we try to take him on your finger. There is shit which is sticking to his rectum.

I don't have access to any good vet here who handles birds.

Any ideas how I can sort this out & cure Bakbak.


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That does not sound good...


Birds do not show their signs that they are sick until the condition is serious because in the wild the flock in many cases chase off the sick to keep the rest of the flock safe. If I were you I would find the nearest avian vet and get Bakbak there ASAP...even if it is a four hour drive. I have lost a finch in less than 8 hours after showing signs of possible illness. Where do you live...maybe there is someone here on the forum that is in your area that can point you to the right vet.


P.S. - The administrators on this site are very strick about language...next time say poop. ;)

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