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Tulip's broken beak is FIXED.


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Hello all,


I am happy today. My little ringneck had gotten into a fight with my CAG and ended up with a broken beak. I could not post pics of it, but I discussed it in another thread called 'Broken beak'.


The original damage was something like this... from the left nostril of the bird, about 3/4 cm down, towards the tip of the beak, it was ripped off. I could see the nostril hole was now 7-8 times bigger compared to the other hole.


This morning, I saw her and was shocked. I was feeding her through her cage, and then saw her beak it was like the chipped of piece had magically disappeared overnight and she had a lighter red color beak growing underneath it all the time. This took about a month and a half from the accident she had.


The point is that beaks do heal. The damage was like when a nail is chipped upto the flesh, that's how it looked and now it is brand new without any scars. :D unbelievable.


Will post pics in a few days... still no cam :S<br><br>Post edited by: Falconeer, at: 2007/09/14 10:44

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Do you have a good relationship with a dog vet? They can at least make up some cipro a good all around antibiotic maybe? Or call an avian vet that can tell them how to mix it up and dose it?

Birds are very good at hiding illness. She could have an infection for months and you never know till it is to late.

And are you sure there is not one around? My avian vet is not listed on the internet but he is certified. Maybe ask around or find a near by parrot club. Even if you have to drive a little ways to get to the vet it well be worth your birds life. And good to know for the future and you need to take that grey for a well bird check up ASAP anyways.

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