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The peanut


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I guess you could bake them, we had another thread that had a lot about peanuts in it and I think it was Mandi that said baking them in the oven would kill almost all the toxins.


Opening them kind of defeats the purpose of offering them in the shell for them to chew up to get to the nut.

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Hi Makena,


Harrison's is considered by many here on this Forum as the best pellet diet out there. So I think your ok.


My whole point on posting the ingredients of Harrison pellets, was pointing out that the #1 and #2 ingredients were Sunflower Seeds and Peanuts.


I personally feed Dayo a Seed blend by Browns calles "Tropical". This is a personal preference, but the way I look at it, is why grind his seeds up and smash them into pellets for him? I would rather that he work for his food by having to crack open all the variety of seeds to get at the yummy treat inside.


I just ensure he also has plenty of veggies and fruits also, of which he eats tons. So he has a well balanced diet that is natural.

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