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In Honor Of Alex!


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In honor of Alex, I thought a fitting tribute would be for us all to share a story about our fabulous Greys- one that particularly illustrates just how dang clever these guys are.


I've taught one of my Greys, Shyla, (3 y.o.) to speak just as I imagine most people teach their parrots, by holding objects and indicating people, then repeating their names. That is how Shyla learned that cats are "kitty" and how to address each family member by name. I also made it a habit, early on, of going up to her and saying "bye-bye!" with a little wave when I was leaving the house, so she would know what was going on.


A little while ago, I was working on my computer with Shyla on my shoulder, busy trying to dismantle a pen, which is her favorite thing to do. One of our Siamese cat rescues jumped into my lap and kneaded my legs, trying to get comfortable for a snooze. Shyla dropped the pen and turned to her next favorite activity- trying to bite the cat's tail as it swished near her. Each time she missed she would say, "OW!" really loud, as if she actually gotten in a good bite.


Finally, the cat sat down and gave Shyla that baleful cat stare that felines do so well. Shyla leaned over to meet his stare and said, very clearly and deliberately, "Kitty bye-bye".


I was in awe. She had independently put the name and the action together, and appropriately told the cat to get lost.<br><br>Post edited by: JackieL, at: 2007/09/11 22:27

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Well not all greys are Alex type greys. Mine never talks to me.

I never "trained" her with the use of cue cards or showing her objects.

She does talk but not in front of me.

She is however 9 years old in full feather, is not cage bound, likes new toys and she has never drawn blood. I count myself very lucky to have that.<br><br>Post edited by: Tari, at: 2007/09/11 23:06

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Guest briansmum

hi jackie, theres a competition in the training room, check that out you shyla sounds like she belongs in there ;)


and you are indeed lucky tari we are all very lucky to have happy healthy greys, or be in the position to make one special birdies life that bit better.

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