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I just have a few questions on behavior as your grey grows up. Finnigan is 17 weeks old today. I've had him since he was 10 weeks old. I've weaned him off of formula, but he still insists on being hand fed his soaked pellets in the morning and evening. This isn't a problem and I know eventually he will shun that and not need it anymore. But, he still does his begging noises at both times. Even when his crop is full...he keeps going. I know he isn't hungry anymore...he spits the food out...he just keeps going until I pick him up and wipe his little face and we move on to cleaning the floor up from the mess he just made. Anyone else wean their baby out and find that they do this? Or is Finni just a noisey baby who wants what he wants? As he gets older I also find, he really likes routine. We have a blue and gold macaw...who could care less what we do when as long as he is included. Finni, likes to eat, clean, and go to the basket in the morning to play while I put on my make-up. The afternoon is spent in his cage, while the evening...he likes to eat then go outside (screened lanai) and watch the birds fly overhead and climb on his rope area. He actually will sit in the windowsill and squeak and chirp until we go out. At 8pm...he is ready to go to bed. No, ifs ands or buts...he will hot foot it if he is on the floor to his room and back to his cage. A nice scratch before bed and he is done for the evening. I don't mind the routine, but it worries me that too much will create phobic behavior if we need to board him or something like that. Do all greys like their routine...is this normal behavior? I will still try to change things up...and keep him on his toes (so to speak) as I don't want change to throw him for a loop...but I am interested in finding out if all greys are this routine oriented. He is like a serious little bird compared to the clownish behavior of the b&g. Not that I mind...I love it...he is the best, I can just see his little mind thinking things over. Just wondering.

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Dayo is 18 weeks old now and does the same Baby panting and beak jackhammer when he wants parental attention and closeness.


He has been doing this for 2 weeks after we quit feeding him via a spoon, due to him spitting it out or most times just turning his head when trying to offer it to him.


We stopped preparing food for spoon feeding 2 weeks ago due to his refusal to eat it once prepared.


You would think from their actions though, that they still want the spoon or syringe feeding. :-)


So that's two of us with very close Greys in age, displaying the same behavior.

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