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Too much stink about Stinky


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Good Name Joe!


I remember that Movie well. If any of you have never seen it, it is VERY GOOD.


It is based on the true story of an NYC Cop that that held to his Morals and Honesty in the midst of many "Bad" Cops. He went undercover and helped in busting that ring of no-goods up.

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Guest Monique

I remember that movie as well. It is a CLASSIC. Serpico is a great name. Maybe you can keep his nick name stinky. My sister-in-law's nickname has been "stinker" since she was a baby. She doesn't like it very much any more :).

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Well Joe, the name of Stinky for a bird was not the best choice in my opinion, but it is your bird and if that is what you wanted to name it that was fine. But Serpico is a whole lot better name and I remember the movie as well. I like it better than Stinky, even though I call my youngest granddaughter that sometimes, because she is a little stinker.

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