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Alex is dead


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So the story goes. He was fine one day and when Irene come in the next morning he was dead.

Suppose to be a formal announcement on Monday or Tuesday.

My prayers are with Irene in this time of grief.



Please click here for the ALEX MEMORIAL.



Post edited by: Tari, at: 2007/09/08 01:23<br><br>Post edited by: Talon, at: 2007/09/08 05:02

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Guest Monique

Yes, unfortunately this is definitely not a hoax. I saw the e-mail from the Alex Foundation as soon as I just got home today and then logged on here and saw it was already posted. You can see they have this posted on their home page as well. I am sure she is heartbroken. These birds become like our children but her relationship with Alex was very special and also had connections on her career levels as well.<br><br>Post edited by: Talon, at: 2007/09/08 04:30

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No problem Joe...I'm betting pretty much everyone knows who he is but some of the guests may not. Plus I thought that was a cute story about the kind of bird Alex was.


I'm going to be watching all the sites on Monday to find out what happened to him. I hope whatever it was didn't spread to Griffin and Wart.

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