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One freaked out bird!


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When my Grey was still hand feeding my work schedule changed and I had to start bringing him to work with me. He had a blast coming in and helping my type and use the mouse and meeting new people. Then one day out of the blue he started flipping out anytime anyone got near him. I'm not sure what started this but I kinda think it may have been due to outside reasons. I work in an appliance shop and there are techs in and out all the time. I think someone may have taunted him to the point that he became phobic...I was not always able to be right next to his cage. I instructed my boyfriend to ignore the screeching and bites (he doesn’t bite hard...yet) and let the bird know that he was more dominant and that he was not going to hurt him. This has worked for the most part but he still will act like his is going to bite before he puts his head down for scratches. He seems to also like my sister because I never have any problems with him when she handles him, but anyone else that gets close to him gets screamed and lunged. This is the only real problem I have with him and I would love to be able to have him with me when I hand out candy on Halloween, but it's not looking good as of now. Can anyone help?!?

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Make sure the only people that handle your birds are bird people. What I mean is they have an idea about birds.

Make sure no one reacts to the bad behavior and just sits him down back in the cage or on the playstand.

If he is not clipped I would do so for now. You can let him fly again after you have control of the bird.

He/she may not want to be petted any more. Most greys are not cuddle and don't care to be touched. While you do need to be able to touch your bird you can towel train him for when it is needed so for now no longer expect petting during "play" time.

When your boyfriend does handle him/her he needs to do step up practicing. Better knows as laddering.

There is a nice artical in the FAQ area about dealing with biting.

I am sure others well come along with other ideas that you can try.

Good Luck<br><br>Post edited by: Tari, at: 2007/09/06 20:01

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His main problem isn't with handling; it's with people just walking past him. For example, I'll be washing dishes with the Grey on my shoulder and my father will walk by. The bird FREAKS out and will scream at him and sometimes try to get on top of my head for higher ground. The only people that handle him are the people HE agrees to go to. I never force him into a situation he doesn't want to be in because I don't want him being phobic of everything. He seems to really like my boyfriend and will let him wrap his hand around his head for the total head rub, but sometimes gets fussy for a few seconds...nothing serious…so I know the “I’m dominant and you don’t scare me” technique works with him. I don't let anyone try to touch him if I know that they will react to his behavior and reinforce it, so that’s not an issue ether. His wings have been clipped for a few months now and he's good with commands...he just hates people walking past him...that’s what I don't know how to correct.

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Ahhhh ok thats different. He sees you as his mate he is protecting you from the "stranger" If there is something that can be done with that I have no clue. My azmazon does that. You can't get near me when I have him out cause he well bite you or if he can't get to you he well bite me. I just don't let people get to close then.


Move his cage to a less traffic area well help with the other. They like to be where the family is but they really don't care for the passing traffic. It could also be possible he does not feel comfortable where his cage is and feel the need to defend himself.

Good Luck

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That might be it...he did barf for me before so I know he "loves" me. I have his cage in my bedroom so he's not in a high traffic area, so i don't think that is it. What is so strange is that it didn't come on stowly like most behavior problems...it was just like a snap of the finger. One day he was fine the next he was acting like everyone had it out for him.<br><br>Post edited by: BMustee, at: 2007/09/06 21:57

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