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A Question About Age


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Well the other day in the car me and my mom were discussing how long Greys live. I was wondering if there was any difference in how long CAG's or TAG's live.


What brought this on was with horses, there are two types. Horses and Ponies.(Then those are separated into breeds...but...:P) Anyways the ponies are much smaller than the regular horses, much like the TAG's. But the ponies live much longer than horses, they usually live in their 30s to 40s, while horses are late 20s to 30s. Do you think TAG's could be the same way?


So what do you think? Or is there really not enough information to tell? Love to hear your thoughts!!


Melissa 2.gif

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Guest briansmum

i agree with everyone else, i think the lifespan of your grey depends on the care it receives and lifestyle it lives, i don't believe being a CAG or TAG has anything to do with it :), sometimes a small CAG and a large TAG are the same size.. so, hmmm, one to ponder. great question melissa

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