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New fun with a bottle cap


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Hey, guys!

Hope everyone is doing well today...

Klaus has always enjoyed chewing on bottle caps (the kind that come on milk, water bottles, etc - not the metal ones). Last night we put a little water in one to see if he wanted a drink (he was really, really interested in the water bottle itself). He did drink a little out of the cap, but shortly discovered what fun it was to fling the water.

It was really cute to watch. He'd fling two or three times, watching all the water fly out, then wait for us to fill it up again so he could do it some more.


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Guest Monique

What fun!! Our birdies have always enjoyed playing with bottle caps and those little circle things that go underneath the bottle caps too!!

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Guest briansmum

greay fun laurie! brian plays with bottle tops too, well first he has a capful to drink (providing it's safe for him) and then he likes to throw them about. he has has a collection of them now. great cheap toys.

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