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bert is 1 and recently startied plucking at his legs, chest and under wings, i have read that this is not normal but vet says he is fine, might be bored we have got toys which we move around regulary he has a good diet,he is never left alone for long periods if no one is around the radio is left on, would like to know if there is anything else we can try as his temperment has changed he only lets my self or my husband near him when he is in a good mood generally in the morning any advice would be appreciated please!!

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There is always a reason behind the plucking & it can be so frustrating for owners because you have to find out what is causing it, before you can start to fix the problem.Has there been anything that has changed in your greys life recently which may have started him to pluck ?The list is endless but a few possibilities are;

Frustration from long periods in his cage

Lack of mental & physical stimulation

Change of family circumstances/ environment

Incorrect periods of light/darkness

A poor diet, high in fatty foods

Attention seeking


As for the training you have to work at it every day,dont let your grey rule you, you have to let him know who is boss, or you will have a very dominant bird if he is only willingly to cooperate when he feels like it.

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He has been moved into another room but for the first three months he was fine then he had his first moult at the same time we had family members come to stay with us but we have been told the more people around the better it is for the bird to get used to people. We have tried all sorts but cant help feeling its since his moult that when his new feathers are coming through it must make him itchy and irratable. Other than him plucking he seems to be fine always listening and comes out with great words. He loves to be sprayed with water but i have heard aloe vera juice relieves itchiness, any suggestions?

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The Vet didn't even touch him all the vets near us don't really know too much about them. He just asked us general questions about diet etc and to bring him back if he didn't get any better with the plucking and would do some tests! Still trying to find a vet who deals with african greys!

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Did the vet run any test and was it an avain vet?

Aloe and misting can help. And if he has been doing it a long time he may need meds for skin yeast. They get this sometimes when the pluck and it makes the plucking worse cause it itches.

So be sure he goes to an avain vet and gets tested.

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Ok, I found it at "The Vitamin Shop". Dayo just got his first healthy Spraydown over and under the Wings along with the rest of the Body with it. :-) He's not a happy Camper with that. ;-)


Looking for Red Palm Oil there to, but they had none. Guess I will need to Order it online.

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