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Introducing myself,my wife and my grey!


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Hi everyone!

I appologise for not signing in here sooner!! my name is Chris and i am currently living in Venice Fl with my wife Suzanne.

We have a CAG Simon and a severe Macaw Lola. We also have 2 dogs, Eric and Billie among other animals. We have been married 4 years and are loving spending time together and with our "babies" We have handfed both of our birds and absolutley adore how tame and loving they are.

Basically came to this site to find information and meet people with an equal love of birds.

Nice to meet you all and look forward to talking with you.

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Welcome Staggy. We have a great membership here and the site has a lot of information. Everyone here truly cares for each others birds. We like to share and learn from each other as much as possible. If you have any questions or topics you wish to discuss there is sure to be someone here with an answer.


Welcome!!! B)

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Hello and welcome to the family, Chris, glad you joined us here in our greyt forum. I'm sure you will like it here, this forum is full of some of the greatest people you will ever meet.


Please feel free to post a photo of Simon here in this thread and we have a other birds room where you can put a photo of Lola. We would love to see both of them if you would like to share pictures of them.


You came to the right place, we absolutely love our birds and we already have a wealth of information here in the different topics covered, feel free to read thru any and all of them.


No apologies necessary, Chris.

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Hi Chris

welcome to the board. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself. Sounds like you've got your hands full since you also have a wife but you forgot some necessary facts which Judygram would normally want to know but she forgot to ask---


1--Did you date before marriage?

2--What is your favorite food for each day of the week?

3--Your favorite TV shows?

4--How many children do you intend to have?

5--Are you happy in your job?

6--Does your wife beat you periodically in order to keep you in line?

7--How much alcohol do you consume on a daily basis?

8--Your opinion of used car salesmen?

9--Do you believe in fixed rate mortgages?


These facts will be immediately listed in your membership file which will then be put into the membership archives.<br><br>Post edited by: MrSpock, at: 2007/09/04 00:29

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Mr spock

since you asked!!!

1. yeah my wife and i dated for 3 weeks before getting hitched!!

2 Favorite food for every day of the week would be pizza!

3. TV show.....cops/amw/top chef/heroes/house/prison break

4. i have all the furry and feathered children i need!

5. i am very happy in my job! electrician and i love it! wouldnt want to do anything else.

6. my wife keeps me well in order without a beating!

7.alcohol? i drink afew beers on the weekend, my wife NEVER drinks!

8. used car salesmen? depends who they are, who they know etc......havent had a terrible experience thi

9.i believe in fixed rate mortgages right now! yes


hope this helps! thanks for all the welcomes!

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