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Sense of smell? Taste?


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Ok, here's one that's been puzzling me. When we went to get Klaus, I swear the breeder said that African greys cannot smell or taste. I haven't been able to find anything to confirm this.

I'm curious and would like to find out what you guys know about this...


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They can taste very well! It used to be thought that they had little or poor sense of smell since their cardiovascular systems are so specialized for efficient airflow. Recent studies have shown that almost all birds smell rather well and at least as fine as average mamals. Studies have shown various species using the sese of smell to find their ways home, identify family members and other functions.<br><br>Post edited by: dblhelix, at: 2007/09/03 19:52

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Guest briansmum

thats rubbish! they can smell and they can taste, their taste is different to ours, take spicy things like chilli peppers, greys don't taste the "hotness" like we do, hence they quite enjoy them. try your grey with something particularly potent and you will find out. my grey gets all puffy, shakes his head and wiggles his tongue when he has a lick of one of his daddys pickled onion monster munch (corn/maize snacks, i think)

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Guest Monique

Lot's of interesting q&a today!! I love it!! :)


This is from the San Diego Zoo's Web Site:


Can birds smell?

A few birds can smell extremely well. For example, vultures can smell a carcass on the ground from a mile (kilometer) up in the sky. But most birds don't have much of a sense of smell, because they use their other senses, especially sight and hearing, to find their food and mates.

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