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Thomas Mangelsen

Guest Monique

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Guest Monique

Hi. I know there are some photography buffs on here so I thought I would ask if anyone is a fan of Thomas Mangelsen? We went to one of his studios in Omaha NE and seeing his photos in person takes my breath away. The African Photos are the ones I would love to fill my house with. Especially the "Tree of Life" picture and the giraffe one called something like Rainwalk. Trust me the website doesn't near do his photos justice. The clarity and colors are beautiful. I wish I could view all of the world from his eyes for a day! Here's his website: http://www.mangelsen.com.

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Thanks for posting this Monique!!


I have never heard of him, but his work is magnificent, to say the least. We will be purchasing some of these works and mostly Africa themed.


We presently have many of Ansel Adams works and enjoy them immensely.


My Wife is a Tiger and Gorilla Lover, so of course we have several works of art a long those lines.


Now, you have given us another source of wondrous art.


Thank You !!! :woohoo:

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