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The poor little guy has a host of other problems.

Any help would be appreciated.


1-He is, unfortunately a feather plucker, but just under his wings and over his back. (i have a feeling this results from everything else)


2-Will not bathe! (Likes the mister on occaision, and will in very cute amazon style have a bath)


3-He shows no intesrest in interactive play, like games or anything like that.


4-(In a way I am happy for this because it shows he is comfortable with me) he does the 'cluck dance' every time i pick him up, and altho i put him down and ignore the behaviour it continues!


I have a feeling most of this stems from the fact that he probably was not provided for during his developmental phase and i have read that you have to lead the grey back into the phase again. BUT, how do you do that with an 8 year old male grey?

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Guest Monique

Many birds do not like to bathe. A mister is fine. Misting with a mix of water and aloe is supposed to be soothing and may relieve plucking if the plucking is due to irritation.


Bring him to the vet if you have not already to rule out physical reasons for the plucking It's very important to do this before the plucking becomes a psychological habit. Will he chew anything at all? Preening toys, wood, paper, hard veggies?


It's not uncommon for a bird to not be interactive. Especially if it was not raised in a rich environment. Simply provide for activities in the best non-threatening way you can and demonstrate yourself how to interact with the item. One day he may surprise you.


You have lots of questions so I'm not sure if I hit them all :) but hopefully this is a good start!!

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The feather plucking was almost down to boredom & lack of stimulation in his last home.Poor diet can also contribute to this.I would advise a vet check to rule out any physical problems.


Many greys dont like to bath, my 3 included.They get misted everyother day.If he tolerates this then it will help with the plucking, you vet may advise you on what products to use, but as Monique said aloe is good.


Patience & time is needed, he may have many issues from his past.Spend your quality time with him chatting to him etc.. He needs to gain human trust.

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Thanks guys! Well, I'm very happy to say that in these two years he has made progress in leaps and bounds (now steps up like a champ outside his cage even from atop his cage, despite that in being up there he looks down on me) i am also very blessed that now that he does so he is not a biter (any attempt to touch him two yrs ago and he would either run or lash out)


however, it would seem to me that he is almost too docile for a older male grey. did he fail to develop emotional independance as a chick? did they perhaps cuddle him too much and not teach him to play and explore? the fact that cuddling is all he seems interested in doing when he is with me seems to support this. lol, as much as i love having a grey who's a giant teddy bear bird i would like to see him do other things! any ideas?


altho as i write this i'm still nursing a sore finger lol, but his normal periods of hormonal behaviour appear about this time anyway and only around his cage

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my TAG was in an unenriched environment for the first 10 years of her life - no toys because she didn't play with them.


Now she has lots of toys and plays a little with them - especially bells. she beats the 2#$%^$$ out of them when she is frustrated or angry. Better them than me.:)


some of her toys I have had to show her how to play with. When she gets the idea then she knows what to do with them, and goes to town!


I don't think she is ever going to be a great player, but she enjoys her life, and we have fun together.


Veggie ideas- frozen!!!, and try him with them frozen, and thawed and warm. Beckette wouldn't touch them to begin with, but now eats the occasional one. She loves birdie bread and I can put veggies and fruit it that and it gets eaten. I made a big batch of bread and have frozen it for later use. Also add red palm oil to the vread and heat it a bit. a lot gets on the floor of her cage but some actually goes into her. I also make her scrambled eggs in the microwave and add seed and sesame seeds to it, and she actually eats that. I have about 10 minutes in the morning so her morning food is "fast" and nutritous. Apple juice makes lots of things mmore acceptable- like mushed up pallets, and you can warm that up also. If you find something he likes chop it up and sprinkle over his food so he tries something new even when he isn't trying.


sneaky is the key!!:laugh:

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